Terms and Conditions

ACT Activity Camps trading as Superstar Campz

By booking onto our camps, be that an individual half day/full day or a full week, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.


Your Information

  1. You must make us aware of any medical conditions your child has and ensure any medication / medical devices necessary are brought along to our courses

  2. Please ensure your emergency contact details & child details are up to date when booking

  3. Should your child require any special support, it is the responsibility of you the parent / guardian to inform us prior to booking so that we can discuss how to best accommodate your child, and advise on suitability of our camps so that they can fully enjoy and participate. It is our aim to make our camps accessible to all and not to exclude wherever possible. You are welcome to trial your child if they have specific needs on a paid basis where we will feedback to you and discuss suitability at future camps. We are unable to provide one to one support.

  4. You or your child's details will not be shared or used with anyone other than Superstar Campz staff


Important Payment Info

  1. We offer a 10% sibling discount on your 2nd and subsequent child bookings which is automatically applied at the checkout, however this cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offer and will not be automatically added when other offers are running

  2. No bookings are secure without payment and failure to make payment upon booking will result in your booking being automatically cancelled within 2 working days


Cancellations and Changes To Bookings

  1. You are able to change your booking 14 days prior to our camp start date free of charge, subject to availability. Any changes after this date are subject to availability and if we are able to change for you, this will incur a £10 amendment fee which must be made upon request. We are unable to make any changes with 7 days or less notice of our camp start date. For example, summer holiday changes will have to be made 7 days prior to our summer camps starting, and not the week you have booked. .

  2. We are unable to issue refunds, credit or day swaps for any missed days unless in the event of an injury or illness. If your Super Star is unable to attend due to illness or injury, you must provide us with a doctors letter in order for us to process a credit note for you for a future camp.

  3. Should you pay via childcare vouchers and wish to swap your days, or camps, we will hold this as credit for you and apply it to your next booking with us. 



Childcare Voucher Numbers - IMPORTANT INFO 

If you are paying via childcare vouchers, you must email us at hello@skillzuk.co.uk a screen shot of your payment so that we can cross reference it on our system.


Once you have completed your booking and our system takes you to the payment page, please close the browser. You will then need to contact / log in to your own childcare voucher website to pay with your voucher and then send us an email.


Please see below for our numbers:

  • Edenred voucher number: P21052174

  • Computershare voucher number: 0023255372

  • Fair Care voucher number: SKIL0219

  • Kiddi vouchers: we accept this type of voucher. 

  • Fideliti vouchers: SKI012C

  • Sodexo voucher number: 846142

  • Care 4 voucher number: 44006963

  • RG voucher number: 38650619375

  • Busy Bees Benefits voucher number: we accept this type of voucher.

  • The Co-Operative: 85115166

  • Enjoy Benefits : Thomas More - 536733 / Waddon - 498283


Child Behaviour and Illness - Policy 

We have a responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of all children in our care and hold a behaviour management policy (available upon request). We want all children to enjoy our camps, and in order to do so, we follow a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irresepctve of any special needs.


In more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents to remove children from camp either for the remainder of the day, or for the rest of the camp with future camp bookings to be discussed. No refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion will be the parents responsibility. 


We reserve the right to exclude a child at any time prior to or during a session due to illness. The parent/carer will be expected to come and collect their child.

Special requirements

We recognise that the needs of individual children vary, and will seek to accommodate children with specific needs and/or medical conditions within our programme. It is our policy not to exclude any child due to specific needs and/or medical conditions wherever possible.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any medical conditions and special educational needs or disabilities, when making their booking so we can discuss how best to accommodate the child, and consider whether any reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure they are able to fully participate and enjoy the activities on camp within the staffing ratios provided for their age group. Whilst we are unable to offer one-to-one support, we will always discuss this personally with the parent/carer..


The needs of each child vary so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the level of support each individual child may require.

We are not able to provide additional staff to support a child above our standard ratios, irrespective of any specific needs or medical conditions. Where we feel that a child is not coping within these ratios and our camps days, we reserve the right to ask the parent/carer to come and collect their child. No refund will be available.

Where a child does require one-to-one support, we will permit parents/carers to attend to support their child, providing that all documentation is provided to us and a telephone call  has been made to us to discuss this, to ensure that the parent/carer is aware of our policies and procedures. We do not provide one-to-one support. We are happy to accommodate a child with specific needs on a paid trial basis and reserve the right to review further bookings.

Feedback and Complaints Procedure

We take all complaints seriously and work closely with you to resolve any complaint that you may make. 


If you would like to make a complaint, please first raise this with the camp manager or your child's group leader who will feedback & discuss with Ashley Thomas, Managing Director. We will follow up with you within 2 working days to discuss and attempt to resolve your complaint. You are also able to email us directly on hello@superstarcampz.co.uk with your complaint or call us on 0800 002 9571.


Please note: It is very important that you report any issues or complaints to the camp manager / your child's group leader prior to leaving the camp, where possible. 

Copies of complaints are kept on file for 3 years and are readily available to OFSTED should they request. 

We have a very strict policy where all incidents and injuries are logged and stored with us, through incident report forms and accident report forms. These are completed by the camp manager at the time of an incident / injury occurring and the child's parent / guardian is informed at the end of the day where they must sign the form. 

We are always open to suggestions and feedback to help us improve our programme. We welcome reviews and suggestions via email :)

If you have any major concerns about our provision, you can report to OFSTED via the following channel:



Programme and activities

At times, we may need to change venues, dates, activities and courses for reasons within or outside our control. 

We display all of our camp activities in the reception area each day, so that parents and children can see what they will be enjoying throughout the day. These are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control. 

When booking individual days, we cannot guarantee these activities will fall on those particular days. 



We have a strict safeguarding policy in place to ensure the safety and well being of all children participating in our camps. Should we feel the need to take action we may take the following steps:


1) Discuss as a team confidentially the best way to approach the situation and inform our safeguarding officer 

2) Report to the local services

3) Take advice from the NSPCC

4) Call the police if we feel a child is in immediate danger


We may not report safeguarding and welfare matters to you relating to your child, if we feel that your child may be in danger or it may make the situation worse. We will always take advice on this and act accordingly. We thank you in advanced for understanding and agreeing to the above.

For our full safeguarding policy, please click here.


Allegations against a member of our team

Any allegations against our team of staff, whether volunteers or paid staff, are taking seriously and dealt with swiftly and confidentially. You should feel confident in reporting any allegations to our Safeguarding lead, Ashley Thomas. All of our team are safeguarding trained. In our safeguarding leads absence, or if an allegation is made against them, you can report to anyone of our team who will take the above action by contacting the local authority, or police if necessary.

If an allegation is made that a staff member or volunteer has:

  • behaved in a way that has harmed, or may have harmed a child

  • possibly committed a criminal offence against, or related to, a child

  • behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children

  • behaved in a way that indicates they may not be suitable to work with children.

our safeguarding lead will report this directly to the local authority (Croydon Council) who's details can be found below, so that they can advise and investigate. During an investigation, every effort will be made to maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved. 

Contact the LADO

Telephone: 020 8255 2889

Email: LADO@croydon.gov.uk

4th Floor, Zone F
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk

The LADO provides advice and guidance to senior managers on the progress of cases to ensure they are dealt with robustly and resolved as quickly as possible. Information relating to allegations is collated and presented to the Croydon Safeguarding Children Board to inform training, research, safer recruitment and awareness raising.


All allegations will be recorded and kept on file. Once fully investigated, we will let you know in writing of the outcome. 

For our full safeguarding policy, please click here.


We have public liability insurance that all children are covered by when attending our camps


Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

We ask that children do not bring the above along to camps with them. Should they do so, these will be locked in our box until the end of the day where they will be returned.


Collection Policy

We operate a very strict collection policy. 

Hold ups do of course happen and we are mindful of this, however the following rules apply. All children must be picked up by the time they are booked for e.g. 12.15pm for tots day, 4pm for normal day and 5.30pm for extended day.

4PM COLLECTION If your child is booked in with us until 4pm, please arrive promptly to collect them. Should you be any later than 10 minutes to collect, you will be charged a late pick up fee of £5 for up to  every 15 minutes you are late. You do of course have the option if you know you are going to be late to extend to 5.30pm collection on the day for £6. We can do this for you at our end if you let us know.


5.30PM COLLECTION If your child is booked in with us until 5.30pm, please arrive promptly to collect them. Should you be any later than 5.30 to collect, you will be charged a late pick up fee of £20 for up to every 15 minutes you are late. This is to cover the cost of our staff members staying with your child and any additional venue hire costs we incur. For example if you arrive at 5.45pm you would be charged £20, if you are later than this up to it would be £40.


Please Note: If you have not colleced your child by 6pm and we canot get hold of you or any emergency contacts you have provided, we will call social services and take their advice.



We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from parents who continually pick up late or if they fail to make the payment of the charge.

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