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We have a small collection of Super items that you and your Superstar will love, delivered right to you at your next Camp with us! Scroll down the page to find our awesome items. 

We also have our Exclusive Membership available for just 50 people per year 👇

  • Exclusive Membership

    Every year
    As a thank you for joining our community, we give back:
    • 🤩 Save £3.89 per Full day + £17.50 per Full week
    • 🙂 Save £1.78 per Tots day + £7.50 per full Tots week
    • 👕 Free Superstar Campz T-Shirt
    • ✅ 10% off any shop items
    • ⏰ Exclusive early access

Our Exclusive Membership gives you access to the benefits and discounts listed above. One purchase per household gives you all of the benefits listed for your children. This plan will renew on the same date you have purchased it, every year until cancelled. You can cancel your subscription at any time. All members will be emailed an exclusive 10% discount code to be used when booking your Campz days.