Why Are We Passionate About Summer Holiday Activity Camps?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Behind every brand and business, there is a "WHY". Why do we do what we do and why do we do it in a particular way? My story behind Superstar Campz played a huge part in my childhood! One filled with excitement, mischief, and two cousins. I know what you are thinking - "who are the two cuties above, and why the heck is his hat so big for his head?".

Well, that would be me (the one with the hat too big for his head. Why I was bought an adult size I don't know) and my cousin Jamie. Our relationship as cousins is more like brothers. Neither of us have brothers or sisters and we are aged just 18 months apart (although he is older, you wouldn't know it the way he behaves), so every school holiday and half term we tried to spend as much time together as possible because school weeks and weekends had too much going on to see each other much. Summer Holidays and half terms mainly included going to each others houses to play football in the garden, trips to Brighton with Nan and our Mums, or winding our parents and Nan up so much that they wanted to get rid of us for a few days by sending us to local summer holiday and school holiday activity camps.

You are probably looking at the photo above and thinking "ahh cute, I bet butter wouldn't melt", but this is us aged just 2 and 3....


I can still feel the excitement now of knowing that we would be spending the day together at an activity camp away from our parents, doing something we both loved. Playing sports, socialising with other children and burning off all that extra energy we both had. There was a sense of escape and freedom we both felt every time we attended one! The days would always start with a car journey to our camps - our top pick was a camp at Trinity School, Shirley - where we would have our chosen music playing and discuss what we would be most looking forward to doing throughout the day. When we arrived at camp, we would be thrown into the deep end and have no choice but to socialise with children we did not know and attempt to become the "leaders" of our new social group. We thought we were cool dudes, the coolest at camp in fact.....that's until it was swimming time, and I usually cried when I couldn't pass the swimming test to go in the deep end I as was not a confident swimmer (Jamie looking on laughing his head off). Can't be good at everything I suppose 😉 Whether it was playing football tournaments and always picking each other to be on the same team, going to the tuck shop at lunch time to pick our favourite sweets, or bouncing around on the trampolines, the days were always awesome and we couldn't wait to go back. We attended camps from the age of 6 - 16 all across town and the country. You name the camp, we did it! As we got older, a birthday present for me would be a week long residential camp in Norfolk which were absolutely amazing and gave us a further sense of freedom and escape!


If you asked our camp leaders and even our parents, they would say we were not naughty children at all. We would be what they describe as "characters, cheeky, and a little mischievous". We would get sent to the camp managers office not because we were being rude or being bullies at camp (we don't have a bad bone in our body), but because we were trying to make the other children laugh, usually whilst the lunch time register was being completed...I have to say now that I do this job, I sympathise with our old camp leaders 🤣 There was one time the entire group were getting a telling off from the camp manager and Jamie and I decided to make a joke so the whole group burst into laughter. Safe to say we missed out on football and swimming that afternoon, which for me was a good thing as swimming wasn't my strongest point, but for Jamie not so much as he didn't have anyone to laugh at in the pool. I look at some kids at Superstar Campz who may be testing the waters & being cheeky with our camp leaders and think "ahhh cute that's just like what Jamie and I were like". But I then abruptly snap out of the day dream and realise that its only 9.30am and they aren't getting collected until 5.30pm, so I quickly remind them of their behaviour (I can't help but to smirk to myself though)! 🤣


Both Jamie and I still talk today (at age 30 and 31) about our Summer Holiday Activity Camp experiences, and they played a huge part in shaping us into the people we are today. Superstar Campz has been born out of our experiences as children and the positive effect it's had on our relationship and on our personalities. They were a fantastic head start in life for us both. Every camp I deliver with our team is delivered with the passion, love, fun and excitement that we wanted to experience as kids. So to conclude - Why do we do what we do and in the way we do it? Well, if Superstar Campz children can take just a fraction away from their experience with us of what we took away from our camps experience as kids, we know we will have had an impact in shaping their futures in some way 🙂 Jamie and I are still big kids at heart with a brother like relationship and a passion for being kind and nice to everyone we come into contact with. We both truly believe that stems from the time shared together in the summer holidays and half terms.

📸 And finally, whilst our first picture at the top of this page shows us as the little cuties we were on first sight, you will see from the subsequent photos that we never did master the art of photography even when Nan was present 😬 📸

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Ashley Thomas 💙

Managing Director - Superstar Campz

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