Lunch Ideas For Your Child! 🥯🤩

Fancy one less job during the easter holidays and even an activity for your Superstar to keep them occupied? Bento lunch boxes are an awesome and healthy way to prepare food for your Superstar at our camps. And getting them involved promotes independence, confidence and allows them to make a healthy decision on what they would like to eat!

We have looked all over the internet for some great ideas that you can help your Superstar create. If you have a couple of days at home during the Easter holidays, this is a nice family bonding activity to do with them 🙂

There are ideas such as the one above - Dinosaur sandwiches, Harry Potter bento boxes, Star Wars lunches and so much more! Check out the ideas below:

- Bento Lunch Ideas 🥑

- Pintrest Bento Lunch Ideas 🥯

You can also buy a snazzy bento lunch box which has different compartments to store different foods on here

😬 Let us know the outcome by taking a picture of you preparing their food with them and tag us on our Facebook Page 😬

Ashley Thomas,

Managing Director - Superstar Campz

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