Do You Work From Home or Run Your Own Business?

As you know, our goal during the school holidays and Half Terms is to make it an exciting and enjoyable experience for your Superstar, and also a stress free experience for you, the Super Parent!

We have an idea to help you during these times if you run your own business or if you have the flexibility to work away from the office, and we would love to hear your views on this.

🤩🖥 What if you could drop your child off at our camps but work on site to save the back and forth travel home, and saving on your precious time (parents already struggle to have enough hours in one day)? A Superstar Campz Co-Working space as such? 🖥🤩

One of our Super Parents, Eleanor Richardson runs a networking group called The Family Network East Surrey, and she put this idea to us:

"Hello I was raving about your holiday clubs on a twitter hour yesterday (I run the family network twitter hour on a Monday as well as the Family Network Facebook group for east Surrey) and a chance remark made me think - the remark was “wouldn’t it be good if there was something similar for adults” my thought was whether it would be possible to combine your brilliant camps with a co-working opportunity? If there was somewhere that had a good WiFi available at one of your venues and space to work with plug sockets, parents could work whilst the children enjoyed your wonderful activities and then maybe incorporate some parent/children matches/activities either around lunchtime or at towards the end of the day - what do you think? My group has a membership of approx 1600 businesses based around east Surrey who run their businesses around their children and we all struggle in the holidays, so I’m sure there is a demand! I use Superstar Campz to get work done and I’m sure many other parents do too."

How Would It Work? Our Ideas...

1.  Drop your child off as normal

2.  Go to our on site co-working space to set up for the day.. At Thomas More Catholic School this would take place in a classroom. For Waddon Leisure Centre, our co-working space could be 2 minutes drive up the road at Airport House in a meeting room that holds up to 14 adults with desk space.

3.  Wifi, plug sockets and FREE parking included... This means you would have everything on site you need to work

4.  Network with other Super Parents... This space would only be available to parents / guardians of children booked on to our camps. Getting to know one another could lead to a whole host of business opportunities!

5.  Pick up at collection time.. Only be around the corner so you do not have to travel far and waste more time out of your day!

6.  Get a quick bit of exercise in... We are exploring running a parent child 15minute activity to help keep you active and away from the computer screens perhaps at lunch time or at the end of the day!

⏰ We feel that you could save well over 90 minutes per day, or 7.5hrs per week by enjoying our co-working space. Imagine what you could get done with this time! ⏰

This is something we are looking to launch with Eleanor as soon as February Half Term so we would love to hear your thoughts about this. Do let me know by emailing me here to register your interest and I will be sure to catch up with you about this when I have more details in the next 7 days 🙂


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